Hounds of Harbord Competition

Terms and Conditions

Winner will be selected based on originality and flare on August 26th 2022 at 10.00am AEST. Winner must follow both @harbordhotel and @moondogbreweary and use the hashtag #houndsofharbord. Winner will receive a photoshoot at Harbord Hotel with date subject to availability. Winner will receive individual high-res and lo-res shots of their dog at Harbord Hotel as well as family portrait shots together with their dog. Winner will be crowned ‘Hound of Harbord 2022’ and will feature in Harbord Hotel’s marketing campaigns. Winner will also receive a case of Moon Dog and receive a collar walk-set from St Argo worth $172.00 as well as 2 x 100mL sets from Harlow Harry which are valued at $108 RRP each. They include a 100mL bottle of Pet Parfum and 500mL bottle of 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo. Items are not to be exchanged or swapped.

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