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Sweetie is geared up to rock the stage at Harbord Hotel for Homegrown after a two-year hiatus from the Northern Beaches. Make sure to get tickets to their gig on Friday 17 January, they’re playing alongside Gimmy and Liquid Time. It’s going to be a big one!
The band spills the beans on their Aussie favourites as well as some secrets behind the Aussie music industry. Dreaming of Italy for the sheer yumminess, Sweetie also wraps up their travel wishlist.
1. Tell us more about why you’re excited to be playing at Harbord Hotel 
It’s 2024, we’ve got some new songs in the bank and we haven’t played on the Northern Beaches for 2 years, let’s rock!
2. Name your top 3 fav Aussie artists right now? 
Skeleten, Gut Health & Party Dozen.
3. Something most people don’t know about the Aussie music industry?
Most Australian musicians can talk to animals. 
4. Where do you go to find/seek inspiration? 
Australian Gothic fiction, revenge films & art made by women.
5. Earworm – what song can’t you get out of your head?
Last Christmas by Wham, since Christmas.
6. High rotation – what album are you vibing right now?
The 9th – collaborative album by poet Sam hunt, David Kilgoure (of The Clean) and The Heavy Eight. My kiwi bestie showed me this album which is essentially spoken poetry backed by the greatest musicians in NZ. It’s perfect tunes for hooning down dirt roads in the bush.
7. Warm up routine – tell us a little about how you like to warm up before a gig.
A couple of Jacobs academy vocal warmups on Spotify (aka lip trills), tequila shot before going on stage.
8. Drink of choice – what drink is your go-to when you go out? 
Pale ale, or a Bloody Mary if already hungover!
9. Travel list – where do you want to travel to next and why?
Italy because yummy.
10. Top track right now?
Fire in Cairo – The Cure. Sometimes you gotta circle back to the classics.
11. Top 10 tracks right now? 
Lost Sun – Placement 
Accept me as I am – Klein Sage
Jolene from her own perspective – Okay Kaya
The Complex – Delivery 
The Chain – Workhorse 
Sweat – GIMMY 
The link is about to Die – Los Bitchos 
Home by the beach – liquid time 
Moving through water – Marta & Tricky 
Eulogy for you and me – Tanya Davis
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