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Grab your favourite band tee because Aus Music T-Shirt Day is back on November 30th at Harbord. It’s the ultimate gig celebrating Aussie music, where you flaunt your favourite band tee and jam out to cracking tunes as you support some awesome music peeps through hard times. 
This year, we’re turning up the volume with Rum Jungle headlining and incredible acts Velvet trip and Scatter Light joining in for an unforgettable gig. Before they hit the stage, we sat down with Velvet Trip to get the juicy deets of their favourite tracks and artists at the moment.

Tell us more about why you’re excited to be supporting Aus Music T-shirt Day and playing at Harbord Hotel.

Aus Music T-shirt Day is an important day for industry workers and we feel a responsibility on our end to show our support where we can. We are excited to be playing at Harbord Hotel on this great line-up. It’s a semi-local show, so we hope to catch lots of familiar faces and facilitate a good time for all.

What Aussie Tee will you be repping for Aus Music T-shirt Day this year?

I will be repping my Parcels shirt. Cant go wrong with a ringer T.

Name your top 3 fav Aussie artists right now?

Royal Otis, Butter Bath, Echowave.

Where do you go to find/seek inspiration?

A few different places.. Sometimes it’s watching live music and absorbing that energy and sometimes it’s going for a bushwalk and connecting that way.

High rotation – What album are you vibing right now?

I’ve been really digging Jungle’s new album, Volcano.. Huge vibes.

Tell us a little about how you like to warm up before a gig?

I usually pace around super anxious and hyped, then project that onto everyone and we do a big group sing in the car park haha. We try to sing together before the show to make sure we are all on a level.

Something most people don’t know about the Aussie music industry?

We have a plethora of incredible artists from a hugely diverse background. I hope that we move into a place soon where there is enough room for everyone.

Top 10 tracks right now?

  1. Empire Ants, Gorillaz.
  2. Change Has To Come, Moju
  3. Good Times, Jungle.
  4. Benoit, Sinj Clarke.
  5. Attention, Doja Cat
  6. Gatjumak, Andrew Gurruwiwi Band.
  7. So Good At Being In Trouble, UMO
  8. Guilty, Lady Wray.
  9. The Dove, Echowave.
  10. If I Got It, Aaron Frazer.
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