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Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird

We chatted to upcoming Aussie band Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird before their cracking show at Harbord Hotel for Homegrown. 


Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird are an indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Founded by charismatic, musically gifted singer-songwriter Lachlan Rose, their music is infectious, honest, eclectic and original. They’ve sold out shows across massive headline tours and have played at numerous festivals including Falls Festival, Loch Hart, Happy Wanderer, NYE on the Hill and Beyond the Valley. Cousin Tony’s Brand New Fired have been making waves on the Australian music scene, and have even supported Australian singer Matt Corby.

Name your top 3 fav Aussie artists right now?

RVG. Their song ‘That’s All’ is arguably my favourite love song.
Julien Wilson is a local jazz saxophonist that the band all adore. His trio version of ‘Rebellious Bird’ is kind of our band song. 
King Stingray recently invited us to see them play. They didn’t disappoint. Such an infectious energy and an amazing celebration of indigenous spirit and tonality. 

Where do you go to find/seek inspiration?

I teach creative writing to children. You really think you’re being creative until you spend time with kids in a creative space. Their lateral thinking never ceases to blow my mind. In the past I’ve also found working on construction sites to be really creatively inspiring. A very textural job with so much time to think. Beyond that – it’s the other members of Cousin Tony. We’re always pushing each other in new directions creatively and spiritually. 

Earworm – what song can’t you get out of your head?

I can’t stop playing ‘Dire, Dire Docks’ on electric piano lately (AKA – the under water music from Mario 64).


High rotation – what album are you vibing right now?

‘Absolutely’ by Dijon has been a huge one for the band over the last year. For me it’s probably been Warm Chris by Aldous Harding. She always makes me think and smile. 

Warm up routine – tell us a little about how you like to warm up before a gig

Being in the room to watch our support bands is always a massive perk of playing shows and always revs me up to get on stage. The good old “My Mother Makes Me Mash My Mini M&M’s on a Monday, Ooh Ahh” vocal warm up tends to get a fair hoon in the green room. 

Drink of choice – what drink is your go-to when you go out?

Hot Toddies are pretty popular amongst the band in the Melbourne winter months. 

Travel list – where do you want to travel too next and why?

The band are working hard on getting back to the UK/ Europe. We felt really at home in London/ Glasgow etc. Wales became a kind of spirit home for us. Personally I really want to go see Petra in Jordan. We have a lyric in our song “Beauty & Doom” that speaks to that desire. I gotta deliver on it soon.

Top 10 tracks right now?

In no particular order:
Minako Yoshida – ‘外はみんな
Tim Bernardes – ‘BB (Garupa de Moto Amarela)’
Joan Armatrading – ‘Down To Zero’
Soshi Takeda – ‘Floating Mountains’
Katie Kim – ‘I Might Drown’
Eddie Chacon – ‘Sundown’
Westerman – ‘Confirmation’
Dijon – ‘Coogie’
Vangelis & Jon – ‘I Hear You Now’
Nick Cave – ‘Galleon Ship’

Click the Spotify icon below to give these tracks a listen!

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