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On Tuesday 14th March we hosted a special InStyle Supper Club in our Balsa dining room, in honour of Care Australia’s Her Circle campaign. Our special guest was the inimitable Grace Tame, whose presence and words were as powerful and moving as ever and charged with a mission to ignite action.
The event was a natural follow-up to International Women’s Day. This year’s theme was ‘Cracking the Code’. To crack the code to gender equality, we need to leverage inclusive technologies, embrace disruptive innovation and ensure access to education – to combat generational discrimination, embedded in our cultural bias.
InStyle Editor-in-Chief Justine Cullen and activist Grace Tame were both announced as ambassadors for CARE Australia – one of the world’s leading international aid organisations. The event shone light on the organisation’s Her Circle campaign, which is based on the multiplier effect stating that “When a woman escapes poverty, she brings four others in Her Circle with her.” Special guests including Grace Tame, Chanel Contos, Hannah Ferguson of Cheek Media Co., Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills of Those Two Girls podcast, Elise Pioch Balzac, Heidi Middleton and actor Teagan Croft, alongside Dr. Sophie Scamps M.P. who enjoyed a three-course meal with matching Cloudy Bay wine pairings in our Balsa dining room.
Opening the conversation, InStyle Australia’s Editor-in-Chief Justine Cullen sat down with CARE Australia’s Program Delivery Senior Manager, Sabene Gomes, to talk intersectionality, the fight to eradicate poverty, and how all women can become advocates.
“In her workplace, in her home, in her community, a woman is a change-maker,” said Gomes. “And what we found is that when we enable a woman to empower herself, she usually takes four others in her community, in her circle, with her. Research shows us that when a woman has the tools and has access to education, she’s less likely to die in childbirth. She’s more likely to have children who are healthy, who access education. She’s more likely to have an income, and she’s more likely to reinvest that income back into her household and across into her community.”
Then Grace Tame joined Justine in conversation, sharing her stories, insights and wisdom – and the people (and pets) who make up her own Circle. Read the full interview here.
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