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Surf Trash

We sat down with Andy from Aussie band Surf Trash, to chat all things live music and lifestyle before their highly anticipated Homegrown show at Harbord. 


Surf Trash is a three-piece alt rock band from Newy, quickly rising up the ranks of Aussie music. Their high energy sound, taking nods from the likes of Skeggs and Dune Rates, takes rock to a new height. Surf Trash have supported names such as The Delta Riggs and The Bennies, and has toured Australia supporting star Ruby Fields. There’s a lot to love about this cracking group, better get to know them before they explode up the charts. 

Tell us more about why you’re excited to be playing at Harbord Hotel. 

We’ll firstly I’m always keen to play every show but in particular this one as it’s our first show in Northern Beaches & we have a lot of friends // family in the area who are gonna be coming!  


Name your top 3 fav Aussie artists right now?

1. Rum Jungle 
2. TNSW 
3. 1-800-Mickey


Something most people don’t know about the Aussie music industry?

That the industry isn’t the be-all end-all when it comes to your groups success, sure having a tight team that are also fans of your music & your vision is important but no one knows your band or you better then yourself. Always have your eyes & ears open to learn what works best for you as a artist. Be independent be DIY it’s not a tread or aesthetic, it’s a approach to what you do and it’s important to carry that. 


Where do you go to find/seek inspiration?

I find it everywhere & all the time, the biggest thing I’ve learnt is not to set limits on what I listen & look for. Could be a phrase, a single word, a chord progression even a drum beat. I just soak my day to day life in and be present and write about it from out of the box perspective. 


Earworm – what song can’t you get out of your head? 

Right now it’s ‘Danny’s Song’ by Loggins & Messina, it’s a beautiful song with a nice chord progression. 

High rotation – what album are you vibing right now? 

The new Civic album ‘Taken By Force’ great Aussie band & great record front to back. 


Warm up routine – tell us a little about how you like to warm up before a gig. 

Well about a hour before we go on I’ll start to stretch out my arms & hands, sing to myself for 10-15 mins, drink some water. Then chat & hang with the other guys to get each other excited / in the zone. 

Drink of choice – what drink is your go-to when you go out? 

Jammy & Dry baby. 


Travel list – where do you want to travel too next and why?

Love to get over to Japan for some snowboarding sometime soon, keen to also go over to Greece where my dads family is from. 


Top 10 tracks right now?

1. Everything is Easy – Rum Jungle 
2. Bobby Brown goes down – Frank Zappa 
3. 20200817 – Mac Demarco 
4. That Summer Feeling – Jonathan Richmand 
5. Operator – Jim Croce 
6. Shot Down – The Unknowns 
7. Jusavinageez- Private Function 
8. Win – TNSW 
9. Lost Your Mind – Dante Knows 
10. Danny’s Song – Loggins & Messina

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