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Located just moments away from the beach, Harbord Hotel encapsulates Freshwater’s rich history and young spirit, offering a laidback haven for Northern Beaches locals from lunch to sundown.

Undoubtedly one of Sydney’s greatest pubs, Harbord Hotel (formerly Harbord Beach Hotel) has stood proudly as a community landmark for nearly a century, and is now in the dedicated hands of Freshwater locals and new owners Glenn Piper and Lachlan Cottee. Its evolution has been designed with everyone in mind, but locals at the heart, and great time and care has gone into understanding the fabric and stories of the area to help shape the venue’s future.

The result is a true beachside haven; a local icon informed by the surf culture that has long been embedded within the venue’s name. A cultural melting pot where locals come to discover and share great tastes; sounds; friends; and good vibes, in the comfort of a laid back hangout that feels like a second home.

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